Architecture and Design


With exceptional skills and experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating projects both in the public and private sectors and the excellent communication, public relations, problem-solving and leadership skills, combined with deep knowledge of engineering and architectural codes help me to be a highly valuable and team leader.

Sports and Entertainment Centre

Combining the functions of a sports and entertainment center, as well as an entertainment unit and area health clubs, medical facilities, enabling travelers, if desired, to hold a series of health, beauty and relaxation activities. As sports and entertainment center includes a set of restaurant hall for 500 people, for tourists, serving conferences, talks and other events, places for which the project is also provided. Also, the center has its own parking lot for 150 cars.

Residential house in Jalal-Abad

Determined the optimum composition residential premises of the residential house, their arrangement and accommodation and architectural decision with provision for borders of the land-use, borders improvement. Dwelling and auxiliary premises with provision for tasks of the customer designed.

статистика посещений


The cottage str. Blagodatna 2,  Russka Lozova, Dergachevsky district, Kharkiv region consists of 2 stories and a basement. The architectural composition of a dwelling house, a rational decision facades, the use of a harmonious combination of the volume of proportionality, and the rhythmic articulation of facades, as well as the corresponding expression of architectural detail facade helped create the visual image.

Cafe - mala Danylivka

The building is one-story cafe. It contains: Entrance hall, cloakroom, toilets for visitors, a dining room, a hot and cold shops, dining and kitchen washing dishes, sevice. Also located boot, cold, and other premises like heating unit, plenum and technical rooms.

Cafe on the str. Academica 32, town Mala Danylivka, Dergachevsky district, Kharkiv region.The building has a simple layout and architectural shape. it has the main hall cafe, production halls, utility, office, household and auxiliary facilities.The designed building of a wooden frame with the outer and inner layers clapboard (block-house).


Space-plan structure of the bourse complex:
-trading hall
-premises services to provide trade operations;
-premises service exchange unit with its
-administrative and business units;
-premises management Exchange (Exchange Committee,Commission;)
-premises services, technical support;
-premises catering;
-space offices of brokers and clients;
-hotel for the staff and participants of exchange activities;
-parking garage;

Residential  house


str. Olympiysca  6, M. Danylivka, Dergachyovsky district, Kharkiv region


Designed cottage reflects the natural factors such as the depth of freezing, snow load, the depth of groundwater, as well as a number of other parameters.  In addition, addressed and resolved questions regarding the installation of engineering systems and communications.

IGNI ET FERRO Restaurant

Architectural solution involves the creation of a modern, attractive image, designed to develop the space of the existing buildings. The most active is the main facade of the complex, oriented toward the str. Yakira. At first floor of the building designed a vestibule area and cafe-restaurant. The second floor has a restaurant halls, rooms and service administration.General requirements specific , capacity and level of comfort.

General requirements of designed restaurant IGNI ET FERRO are specific , capacity and level of comfort.
• Requirements for the premises are the type and capacity of the composition , size and placement of administrative, management and production facilities .
• Organization of  temporary parking areas , entrances to the main entrance and economic zones , placing green areas.

•Requirements engineering systems and equipment are